ARAS Medical Devices & Equipments Co. LLc

ARAS Medical Devices & Equipments Co. LLc

Specialist in Central Gas System & Equipment:

THE MEDICAL ENGINEERING DIVISION is the core of our business with a sound project management infrastructure. We have been in this business for over 3 decades now. We offer a complete engineering solution for Medical/Laboratory Gas Engineering Pipeline System (MGPS/LGPS). With wide experience, we assure the provision of reliable as well as safe medical gas pipeline system. The medical gases used in a hospital, medical colleges, life science universities, polyclinic, medical centres, clinics & animal research are life-supporting element that gives direct influence in maintaining the life of a patient. Our Medical Gas Pipe line System has cleared those regulations and standards as well as passing our strict company standard.

Approved by UAE Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Public Works. ARAS Medical Devices and Equip CO is an ISO 9001 Registered company and providing Central Piped Medical & Laboratory Gas Systems according to NFPA, HTM, EN, BCGA, other local & International Standards.

Engineering division is authorized supplier of world renowned companies like the following:

Beacon Medaes (UK/ USA) Medical/Lab Gas Engineering System Equipments
Therapy Equipments (UK) Life Saving Downstream Equipments
Tunstall (Germany) Nurse Call & Low Voltage IP Integration
Lawton Tubes (UK) Medical Grade Degreased Copper tubes & fittings
Starkstrom (UK) Pendants, O.T. Equipments & O.T. Control Panel with UPS facilities
Emerson (USA), TESCOM (Germany) Gas High Purity Lab Equipments
iOxygen Flowmeter & Regulator
Cattani (Italy) Dental Compressors & Vacuum
Bally Mortuary Systems (USA) & many more.

Systems & Solutions:

  • Automatic changeover Manifold control panel with central piped medical gas system
  • Manual changeover Manifold control panel with central piped medical gas system
  • Reserve standby Manifold System
  • Emergency standby Manifold
  • Medical Air System
  • Surgical Air System
  • Medical Vacuum System
  • Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System
  • Dental Air & Vacuum Systems
  • Lockable Line Isolation Valves
  • Area Valve Service Units
  • Central/Area Alarm Systems
  • PSA systems
  • Liquid Oxygen (VIE) System
  • Bed Head Units
  • Pendants
  • Laboratory Gas System (eg: Laboratory Gas System, Laboratory/Air Vacuum System, Outlet Lab Points, Zone Service Unit,etc.)
  • Medical Gas- Downstream equipments (eg: Flowmeters, Suction Kit, Regulators,etc.)
  • Nurse Call System
  • Mortuary Systems

To aid the needs of our customers, we started manufacturing customized medical service panels which is designed and built to each individual requirement. Incorporating any medical gas, electrical, data, nurse call systems and any additional requirements in a compact unit. The Medical service panel delivers these services in a stylish affordable manner. High quality construction ensures excellent durability and easy access for maintenance. Medical Gases experience covers the entire spectrum from small scale modifications and upgrades to total design and installation of complete turnkey gas delivery systems. All activities are monitored by certified Quality Assurance Systems.

Our Services:

  • Site Survey
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance

Additional to the above mentioned activities, the technical and engineering division provides complete product support with spare parts backup, after sales service and annual maintenance contracts. We have our own warehouse to store products, spares and accessories in order to facilitate quick delivery of items.

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