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    Pipeline BeaconMedæs supplies a huge range of degreased medical grade copper tubing and fittings to both UK and export markets. Copper fittings are individually packed to maintain cleanliness and are degreased to ensure that less than 100 mg of hydrocarbons are present per square of component surface.


    Liquid-Oxygen-tanks Holisticly expedite innovative manufactured products after highly efficient ROI. Energistically enhance adaptive results rather than functionalized experiences..Uniquely enhance web-enabled channels for high-payoff convergence. Synergistically myocardinate tactical materials rather than virtual resources. Competently facilitate exceptional sources with high-quality e-business.

    Control Manifolds The manifold control system shall conform to NHS Health Technical Memorandum Nos. 2022 (HTM2022) and 02-01 (HTM02-01). The manifold control system shall provide an uninterrupted supply of a specific medical gas from equally sized high pressure cylinder banks via a suitable arrangement of pressure regulators, providing a constant downstream nominal pipeline gauge pressure of 400 kPa, 700 kPa or 1100 kPa. The entire system shall be ‘duplexed’ such that any single functional component failure will not affect the integrity of the medical gas supply. The manifold shall be supplied fully assembled and tested.


    Medical Surgical Air Plant The critical field of patient care requires ultra clean, purified, medical air delivered to operating theatres and hospital beds with absolute reliability. A hospitals medical air supply is a vital life support service, maintaining respiration of the critically ill during mechanical ventilation. As such, within Europe, ‘medicinal air’ is classified as a drug, and the concentration of impurities therein must be carefully controlled to ensure compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia monograph. The dMED purification system has been independently certified by SGS Belgium NV (Société Générale de Surveillance) to provide medicinal air purification system and complying with the European Pharmacopoeia monograph. The results of the challenge test were obtained using a carefully controlled, highly contaminated inlet air supply, validating the dMED’s performance in the worst case scenario - extreme levels of environmental pollution.


    Presure reducing stations The BeaconMedæs pressure reducing set is designed for use in medical applications, to reduce the output pressure of the surgical or combined air system to the required pipeline pressure. The manifold control system is simple to install with four mounted holes situated in the powder coated steel back plate.


    Medical Vacuum Plant BeaconMed and Atlas Copco have combined their expertise and knowledge to launch a new generation of Medical Vacuum Plant. Main improvements are increased performance, usability and an advanced control system which provides remote live monitoring and SMS text and email alerts. Additionally, user friendliness is enhanced with the easy to operate central plant controller with a 5.7" colour display. By reducing the footprint and providing easy access to serviceable parts the new mVAC plant provides better usability and easy maintenance.


    AGSS Plant By virtue of its design, the active disposal system can produce high capture levels simply by connecting the terminal unit to the anesthetic breathing circuit via a receiver unit. This removal at the source eliminates the possible long term health hazards for the exposed medical staff. `


    Master Alarm System The BeaconMedæs Medipoint 125 Medical Gas Central Alarm system is designed to provide full monitoring of the complete medical gas system installation. An individual Medipoint 125 alarm panel displays up to 5 gas sources in the ‘Normal’ and 4 ‘stage’ alarm conditions, or may be used to display up to 20 individual point alarms.


    Lockable Line Valves Line ball valve assemblies come complete with a lockable handle, with locking being achieved by fitting a suitably sized padlock to lock in either the open or closed positions. Face sealing is achieved by means of precision machined grooves and \'O\' ring seals. For line ball valves of 3" nominal bore or greater, flange and gasket connections are supplied. An additional locking kit is necessary for flanged ball valve assemblies. Each ball valve assembly is supplied degreased and tested.


    Area Valve Control Unit The BeaconMedæs Medizone™ Area Service Module blends seamlessly into the modern hospital environment. The tastefully sculptured profile is complimented by a range of colour options and the fresh aesthetics of the BeaconMedæs ZSU2 - zone service unit. The Medizone™ is designed for rapid installation and can be surface mounted on a finished wall or flush fitted into a stud wall. Since all piping, wiring and pressure testing is completed prior to delivery, factory controlled quality is assured. The Medizone™ is surprisingly lightweight, owing to a high pressure compact laminate fascia plate and extruded aluminium frame construction. Medizones can accommodate from 1 to 6 gas services, or 1 to 5 gas services and local alarm panel, using 22mm area valve service units, with the option of 28mm gas assemblies for high oxygen and vacuum flows. The ZSU2 area valve service unit includes an intuitive method of reliable and safe emergency access. A firm tug on the ring pull breaks the front portion of the window free, providing instant unhindered access.


    Area Alarm BeaconMed Medipoint 26 Medical Gas Area Alarm is designed to monitor up to 6 gas services in the normal, high and low pressure conditions, and are suitable for installation into any location within a hospital. Alarm panels are usually installed downstream of the area valve service units to provide local warnings of supply pressure/vacuum outside of the normal operating range. Line contact monitoring circuits constantly monitor the integrity of the pressure sensors and interconnecting wiring.


    Terminal Unit The BeaconMedæs Gem®  Shield terminal unit’s exceptional reliability is a testament to its unique pedigree. This is the seventh generation, in a hierarchy encompassing the most successful British Standard medical gas terminal units ever. Now including antimicrobial additive for added patient safety, in additon to access holes for quick and easy maintenance. BeaconMedæs have supplied more than 1.5 million terminal units, with an installed base covering all the continents. This latest tried and tested design comes after 40 years of designing and manufacturing terminal units, and comes with with a three year warranty. You obviously need a reliable medical gas terminal unit, but that alone is not enough. You need a smooth action with minimal effort required to connect and disconnect gas probes. You need a terminal unit that is designed to give the lowest possible pressure drop - no compromises.


    Bed head Units The Envirom H Sys medical bedhead trunking system is designed primarily for gene


    Beam System Whatever your needs may be, BeaconMedæs has a complete solution. Beam systems provide convenient access to critical equipment supported by an expertly engineered workstation. ● Designs are configured to your individual needs ● Easy wipe surfaces minimise the cleaning effort Your care delivery adapts to suit individual patients need, so it follows that equipment must be flexible to adapt to your changing needs too. In order to help you provide the best care in each case, our beam systems are easily configured to provide a tailor made ergonomic workspace environment.


    Celling Pendants Whatever your needs may be, BeaconMedæs has a complete solution to seamlessly integrate with your department. Heavy Duty and Standard Duty pendant systems provide convenient access to critical equipment supported by an expertly engineered workstation. • Designs are configured to your individual needs today, with the ability to expand for tomorrow • Enclosed joints and easy clean surfaces minimise the cleaning effort • Totally maintenance free systems with no bearing lubrication required, no parts to wear out • Wet and dry consoles can readily exchange positions for maximum workspace flexibility


    Medical Gas Hoses BeaconMedaes hose assemblies are available in a variety of lengths and gas services. They are capable of retracting when not in service and provide versatility where needed at an affordable price.


    Nurse Call System Speech is indispensable when precise & detailed information needs to be conveyed especially in communication between patient & nurses. With Tunstall it is possible to mix most advanced & the most basic requirements in one nurse call system. Operation is intuitive, reliable & easy to understand with intelligent call forwarding & prioritization.


    Flamenco SE Communication For Prisons This is well prepared for the rough daily routines in prisons. The ComTerminal SE is impressive proof of how decades of experience and discussions with customers have fed constantly into product enhancement. This is the direct line from the prison cell to the guard. The combination of back box and front plate prevents tampering and vandalism. This ensures maximum system availability.


    IPS isolated Power Suppliers Isolated Power Supplies (IPS) provide safe electrical power for patients and clinical staff in the high care areas of a hospital. It also alerts the staff of surgical, monitoring and other equipment faults and provides continuity of supply.


    Mortuary Systems It is constructed with zero ozone depletion potential urethane foam, which is the most energy effiecient thereby reducing energy cost. These systems meet or exceed all the industry standars for temperature control, sanitation & UL requirements.


    Dental Compressors A dental air compressor pressurizes atmospheric air for use in dental procedures. After capturing and compressing oxygen, it cleans and dries the gas and stores it away to be used for handsets, drills, and other types of units that need out ultra-clean compressed air to function.


    Flowmeter and Regulator Specifically designed for medical use. Available with Bullnose & Pin index cylinder connections. Calibrated to supply a fixed 4 bar output pressure from gas cylinder input. The Plastic Protection Case is colour coded according to the gas being used.


    OT Control Panel Surgical Control Panels or Operating Room Control Panels, are the central focus for infrastructure controls as well as alarms and information required in an Operating Room. This focus has two main benefits; it allows the users to only have one familiar source of information and lets the facilities staff easily inspect and maintain several different subsystems, without disrupting the wall infection integrity. Historically, these panels have been made from stainless steel. In 2005, Starkstrom developed the Electronic Touch Screen Membrane Theatre Control Panel (eTCP) to overcome some of the inherent inflexibility of stainless steel panels, reduce the possibility of hospital acquired infection (HAI) and bring a modern look and feel to the surgical room. This has now become the preferred theatre panel throughout many UK hospitals. Screen sizes can be specified according to your requirements but are typically available in 10", 17", 24" or 32"


    Examination Light Cool, bright clinical lighting is crucial within the operating room environment. It is amongst the most technically advanced lights available and work on the philosophy of delivering the maximum level of lux at the coolest temperature possible.


    Lab Furniture It is the ideal solution for hospitals or infection control laboratories.It provides all the essential components for highly efficint & productive work space.


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