Industrial Division


    Operational efficiency and reliability are key in this series of high-performance belt-driven compressors.

    Worthington Compressor

    Worthington Creyssensac: a leading compressed air systems provider with a strong local presence, we are leading in our segment, serving local customers with individual needs.

    * Through being a part of the Atlas Copco group
    * Through our longstanding experience in the market
    * Through our extensive network of local distributors

    Compressed air system - Worthington

    Screw Compressors &Piston Compressors


    The Leading Authority in Vacuum Technology and Solutions

    ARAS talented management team, leveraging more than 10 years of experience in the vacuum pump industry, delivers the highest level of service. With technical expertise from a hard-working, dedicated support staff providing quality pumps and systems, Vacuum Technologies offers the best solution for your specific application.

    Oil lubricated vacuum pumps


    Walker Filtration specialize in the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial air filtration and drying technologies from compressed air filters, vacuum pump filtration and medical sterile filters to laser smoke evacuators. Our product portfolio also includes heatless desiccant dryers and one of the most comprehensive ranges of alternative filter elements, air/oil separators and vacuum pump separators on the market today.


    Solinoid Valves Solenoid controlled valve systems Pilot operated Direct acting Force pilot operated Externally (pressure) controlled valve systems Motorized valve systems Special constructions for all industry branches

    Solenoid controlled valve systems

    Pilot operated

    Direct acting

    Force pilot operated

    Solenoid controlled valve systems


    Compressed Pipping System You can ensure minimal pressure loss at the lowest operating cost for your compressed air installation. It differentiates itself through innovation, flexibility and ease of installation, meeting all of your design and production requirements more cost effectively than traditional LPG systems.


    Contamination Issue Always clean, as from day one As aluminium and polymer will guarantee air quality, they are becoming often used as raw material in critical environments, e.g. food industries, medical applications… Rust Internal contamination Product spoilage Thickness reduction Leakages Higher friction factor ΔP Increase High maintenance cost Shorter lifetime of the whole system


    Copper Pipeline Solutions A leading Copper tubes manufacturer with An Undisputed commitment to British Standards and values. BS EN 1057 Water/Gas/Sanitation EN 12735-1 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning BS EN 13348 Medical Gases and Vacuum BS EN 12449 General Engineering BS EN 12451 Heat Exchanges BS EN 13600 Electrical Purposes`

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