BEVAT Healthcare (India)

BEVAT is providing health care services & solutions across India. Bevat have been recognized for excellence in medical and laboratory gases standards, medical architectural design, product supply, installation, testing and commissioning, planned preventative and operational maintenance by following the quality standards such as HTM 2022 / HTM -02-01 EN & NFPA. We have over 100 medical gas installations to our credit in India, which includes Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences and many more.

BEVAT healthcare specialized in Medical Gas Systems, Laboratory Gas Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Architectural Systems, Bed Head Units (Vertical, Horizontal, ICU, & VIP model), Pendants (Flexible, Rigid, Retractable, Multimovement type), Down Stream Equipments (Flowmeters, Regulators & Rail systems), Modular Operating Theatres, Clean Room Structures, Hospital Furnitures, Operation Theatre Lights, Surgeon Control Panels, IPS & UPS Systems, Pressure Monitors, & Pressure Reducing Dampers. We offer specialized training for the staff and design professionals in medical gas standards & medical gas design.

  • Homecare Medical Gases and Equipment
  • Home Medical Oxygen for people prescribed and requiring supplementary oxygen.
  • Supply options include compressed gas cylinders, Grab 'n Go portable and light-weight cylinders and O2 concentrators (bedside and portable battery operated units).
  • Sleep Therapy Equipments for people diagnosed and suffering from sleep disorders.
  • CPAP (basic and auto models) and bi-levels
  • Non-Invasive Ventilators (for people needing Home Ventilators support).
  • Delivery devices and accessories

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